SoapSell Marketplace Fees

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SoapSell Marketplace is the leading handmade soap marketplace online. If you're looking for the best handmade artisan soap, look no further then the SoapSell Marketplace. Our handmade soap artisans work hard daily to proved new and innovative soap making concepts and ideas. From cold process, to melt and pour glycerin, SoapSell Marketplace has the largest selection of handmade soap or bath and beauty products online.

If you're a soap maker looking to expand your online reach, and grow your business online, then you need to checkout It's always free to post your items for sale in the SoapSell Marketplace, and you never pay SoapSell unless you've made a sale! Standard SoapSell commission is 5% of each sale (not including tax or shipping).

How are these fees collected?

SoapSell Marketplace collects our commission when the transaction is placed. We use PayPals special Adaptive Payments API to ensure that all transactions are secure. Keeping your customers safe, as well as your shop. When a customer makes a purchase, the payment is processed through the 710 Group, LLC PayPal account. Instantly our commission is taken out, then your funds from the sale will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. This all happens instantly. No waiting multiple days to get your funds like other marketplace sites.

If there happen to be any disputes arising from transactions in your shop, you will be responsible to take care of these infractions in a timely period to stay in compliance with our Terms Of Use.

Signup for a new shop in January 2017 and pay only 3% commission for 90 days! To signup CLICK HERE.