About Us

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SoapSell Marketplace is a handmade marketplace for soap makers, by soap makers. It was created so small handmade soap companies could sell their products to the world. Not just soap products, but also; bath bombs, bath melts, body scrubs, lotions, lip balm and more. If you're looking to purchasing handmade bath and body products, SoapSell.com is the #1 handmade soap site online. Created by soap makers, for soap makers, we created the site based around what works best for the soap makers and their customers, not just what works best for the marketplace website. The SoapSell Marketplace is focused not just on growing a quality marketplace website, we're focused on helping small business owners realize their dream of financial independence, by helping the to build an online business that will support them and their family.

While building the site we've listened to questions, comments and concerns from both our shop owners as well as our customers. We've worked very hard to quickly address any issues or concerns, while providing a user friendly experience for both shop owners and customers alike.